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The main contact for the Beaumont Basin Watermaster is our recording secretary William Clayton.  Mr.Clayton can be contacted by email or by phone at (951) 845-9581.

While the members of the Beaumont Basin Watermaster each have primary responsibilities to other local public agencies and private water companies, the meetings of the Watermaster enable each agency to actively and directly participate in the protection of our local water resources in open and publicly noticed meetings.

The current members of Beaumont Basin Watermaster include:

  • Arturo Vela - Representing the City of Banning (Alternate - Luis Cardenas)
  • Amer Jakhar - Representing the City of Beaumont (Alternate - Kyle Warsinski)
  • Dan Jaggers - Representing the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District (Alternate - Tony Lara)
  • George Jorritsma - Representing the South Mesa Mutual Water Company (Alternate - David Armstrong)
  • Joseph Zoba - Representing the Yucaipa Valley Water District (Alternate - Jennifer Ares)


This website is updated and maintained by the staff at Yucaipa Valley Water District.   Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions

The photographs used throughout this site have been provided by the staff at the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District.  The photographs are of the award winning groundwater recharge basins located in the City of Beaumont.

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