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Reveal TV Network is a ministry that is devoted to the upliftment and enhancement of the body of Christ as well as focused on reaching more souls for Christ. With your partnership, we will broadcast your messages, teachings, and sermons, as long as it is the UNADULTERATED Word of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We welcome you to submit your videos and teachings for review. As a partner, you are helping spread the good news of Jesus Christ and are participating in the coming back of Messiah. We know that our Messiah will not return unless everyone has the chance to hear the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reveal TV Network is on that very same mission and will never stop until Jesus Christ our Messiah comes back for his Bride!
Reveal TV Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to broadcasting the Good News.
Watch Reveal TV Today and Enjoy True Anointed Christ-centered TV Broadcast. 

Our vision is to take the Gospel to the ends of this World. Access our live 24/7 stream on any device you own such as Computers, Phones, and Tablets. 

A network of firsts:

RevealTV is a 24/7 online Christian Television Broadcast in the United States

RevealTV offers a safe, 100% Christ-centered broadcast on the go!

Benefits of partnering with RevealTV: 

Online Platform: Reach the nations

Mobile: Viewers can see your ads on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop

Churches can easily advertise their events, teachings, and special projects

Growing number of viewers across the world each day!

Available anywhere there is internet connection

True to the Call of Jesus Christ.

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